Commercial Audio Speakers & Amplifiers

JBL speakers are used in 90% of live sound applications worldwide–from rock artists on tour to music festivals.  They are also used in many THX commercial cinemas.

JBL speakers are rugged and dependable, delivering high quality sound at high and low volumes.  Similarly, Automated Lifestyles uses JBL speakers on most of our commercial projects.

Most of the time we use Crown Amps for their reliability and performance.

Audio Mixers

The X32 series supports remote-mounted XLR input jacks, saving the cost of running wires back to the choir loft or band stage.  The Behringer has presets for various setups and advanced features to improve the sound.  It also has a free iPad app and PC software for rack-mounted mixers.

For conference rooms, the JBL or Denon Professional mixers are most often used.  Both deliver on performance and features.  For bars, restaurants, gyms, retail locations, office spaces and government buildings, dBX often is the perfect solution.  It has local volume control stations and ease-of-use.

All support paging where the music is muted temporarily.


We value the importance of a high-quality microphone.  We exclusively use Shure or Audio-Technica in conference rooms, training rooms, houses of worship and live band stages.

Both brands have the microphones to fit each unique application and improve the quality of sound.  For example, just upgrading the wireless microphones at St. Mary’s in Dunmore helped improve the sound.

Live Broadcast & Teleconference

Communication is so important today.  A live broadcast can be shared to inform others anywhere in the world.  Skype, GoToMeeting, UStream and Livestream are commonplace today.

We have solutions to ensure that your partners worldwide can watch in HD over the web and listen to your broadcast clearly using a professional audio system, not conference call phones.

Commercial Video Projectors & Screens

When it comes to commercial video, often high-lumen projectors are needed to overcome the high ambient light.  Automated Lifestyles likes to use both Panasonic and Epson projectors for these applications.

Various add-on lenses are available for short-throw and long-throw mounting locations.  For projection screens, Draper and Screen Innovations both provide motorized, fixed, solid and acoustically-transparent solutions.

Video Walls

There are times when you want a large screen and video projection isn’t the answer.  Video walls use several thin-bezel TVs to make a larger screen.

You can show one large image, or divide it into quadrants (e.g. four games on at once).  Automated Lifestyles uses Just-Add-Power hardware to create our video walls at sports bars, corporate reception areas and storefronts.

Lighting Control & Automated Shades

Lighting Control can be extremely useful in conference rooms with audio/video systems.

Automated Lifestyles installed Lutron in Evans Hall, a multi-purpose room at Keystone College.  A keypad selects various scenes—PRESENTATION, MEETING, BANQUET.  For presentations, the lights dim and shades close.  For BANQUET, shades go up, sconces illuminate while recessed lights dim to create the perfect ambiance.

For bars and restaurants, we provide Converging Systems LED lights so you can accent with any color you desire—red for Valentine’s Day, green for St. Patrick’s Day, etc.