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A theater room is a great addition to any home.  It is a place where you can escape from reality and relax, watching a movie with the ones you love or cheering on your favorite sports team with friends.  A media room can also provide a cool place for your kids and their friends to hang out so you know where they are on Friday nights: gaming in this room will make all the neighborhood kids jealous!

If designed properly, a home theater will sound better and be more engaging than going to the movies.  The space is smaller, which allows the sound to be more controlled.  The seats are more comfortable and, most importantly, it’s yours to use whenever you want!

All of our dedicated theaters fully comply with 4k video and Dolby Atmos, the most exciting development for surround sound since 5.1 was developed by Dolby in the early 1990s.  Add crystal clear video and you’re set for a truly amazing experience, right in your own home.

Relax in total comfort.

Enjoy movie night with the family.

Create a getaway in your own home.

The best way to watch sports.


Since every room is different, each dedicated home theater requires an up-front design.  Automated Lifestyles first performs an acoustic model of your space to determine the ideal seating locations in the room (some spots have bass peaks or lulls).  From there, we can calculate the distance to the screen, size of the screen, the ideal projector for your application and the location of acoustic treatments.  With a proper design, you will get stunning sound and video.

Once your media room is installed, we use Sencore audio calibration equipment with four microphones to ensure that the speakers are perfectly tuned.  We will then do a THX video calibration to ensure the video perfectly matches what the studio intended.

With the audio perfectly tuned and the video so realistic that skin tones are perfect and football fields look true, you can get your invitations out for the grand opening of your home theater!

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Our background is electrical engineering, including attention to details (we previously programmed industrial lan automation systems).  We understand how graphics should look – they must be intuitive and easy to use for people of all ages.  We realize the importance of making complex systems very simple for you to use.  Our programming macros will save you time, making your life easier and more enjoyable.  And, we use only proven hardware and software that performs reliably 24/7.

We are experts at what we do and proud to be your integrator of choice!

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