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When in a house of worship, being able to hear the message is often the biggest challenge.  Due to reverberation and high ceilings, clarity can be challenging.  Automated Lifestyles understands this and has improved the sound quality in many local churches.

Quite often there are minor tweaks we can make to any church audio system (speakers, microphones, digital mixers), to improve clarity.

Let us evaluate your current system and make recommendations for how your message can be more clearly heard and understood.

Shure-Choir Microphone

Speaker installation for best sound quality.

Lapel mic system.

Sound that reaches the congregation.


Automated Lifestyles values the importance of design.  Different rooms require different equipment.  We ensure that the correct equipment is installed in your church so that you only have to do this upgrade once.  We will do an acoustical analysis of your space along with gathering information, such as ambient light level and reverberation, to ensure your system meets the requirements of your unique environment.  This “engineering” phase is extremely important.

First, we analyze the speakers that are currently being used.  Many times, the wrong speakers are installed.  For example, “paging” speakers in high ceilings cause too many reflections, as do certain models of line array speakers typically found at the front of the church.  When your ear hears direct sound and then reflected sound a fraction of a second later, it causes speech to be very difficult to comprehend.  The goal is to increase the amount of direct sound and decrease the amount of reflected sound.

Beyond the speakers, improving the quality of the microphones drastically helps clarity also.  Just like you need the right tool for the job, there is a certain type of microphone required for every application.  Ministers, priests and deacons often prefer high-quality wireless mics.  Pulpits need a gooseneck mic that doesn’t pick up a lot of ambient noise.  And cantors/lead vocalists require a different mic than the choir or band.

Digital mixers not only provide equalization and feedback suppression, they allow various “scenes” to be set up.  Analog mixers tend to be changed over time, causing the sound quality to diminish, especially in churches without a dedicated A/V group at each service.  With a digital mixer, you can also go back to the initial preset that was calibrated by Automated Lifestyles.

Video projectors and live broadcasts also keep your congregation engaged.  With high ambient light typically found in houses of worship, the projector needs high lumen levels so the video is not “washed out.” Certain projection screens are designed for high ambient light conditions.  We will measure the ambient light level and specify the correct video for your application.  At IHM Marywood, we upgraded their camcorders and video broadcasting system so the sisters can tune into their TVs to watch a mass.  Similarly, the masses are recorded live on UStream so sisters all over the world can tune-in.

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Why Choose Automated Lifestyles

When it comes to live sound, Automated Lifestyles has a lot of experience on staff.  We have an audio engineer (Tom) with a degree from Full Sail University who has done live sound at Mohegan Sun Arena for hockey games, special events and more.  Tom, Chuck, Thomas and Larry all have played in bands and some of us still do (Thomas even toured as an opening act worldwide).  We understand microphone applications, feedback and how to properly tune a system once it is installed.  You can trust us to deliver high quality sound in any application.  To find out how we can help you improve your unique setting, simply request a quote.

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