Do I Really Need an Outdoor TV?

Learn why you should never install an indoor TV outside on your porch or covered patio.

You may think placing a TV intended for indoor use will be perfectly fine in the outdoor Pennsylvania environment. However, whether you are placing a TV on a covered deck, screened-in porch or open patio, you will need an outdoor TV designed specifically to withstand the outdoor environment. CE Pro has a few important reasons below why you’ll want to invest in a true outdoor TV.

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1. Safety
Open the first page of any TV manual, and you’ll see a section warning you about the dangers of putting an indoor TV outside. Besides the risk of electrocution, one small short, and your cheap TV can cause some pretty expensive damage.

2. Damage
If you think that indoor TV is safe under your patio, think again. Humidity, dust, and sunlight can all compromise the inner workings of your device.

3. Performance
No one wants to watch a picture with obtrusive glare or black spots, but that’s what you’ll be faced with when your TV isn’t equipped for the outdoors.

4. Price
The SunBriteTV Veranda Series starts at just $1,499 MSRP, in direct competition with regular 4K TVs on the market. The difference? Veranda models can stand up to harsh weather and deliver a clear picture for years to come.

5. Warranty Issues
It’s simple: If you install an indoor TV outside, you’re voiding the warranty. So if your picture goes out on the very first day, you’re out of luck (and some serious cash).

6. Compromised Devices
A TV shock or short due to moisture can cause damage to other connected devices, which means more equipment you may have to replace.

7. Time
Don’t bother rolling out and setting up a TV every time you want to be outside. With SunBriteTVs, they’re installed once, and last for years.

Article Credit: CE Pro