Music can lift your spirits, calm your world and entertain.

Multi-room music can be enjoyed both indoors and out, without bulky equipment, unsightly speakers or boxes of CDs to sort through.  After a long day, try the Spa Channel on SiriusXM for relaxing music to help you ease into the evening.  If you’re in the mood, turn up the volume and blast some classic rock from your own collection or playlist while grilling on the patio.

Your choices are unlimited: listen to iTunes playlists, Pandora, Slacker, Spotify, SiriusXM, local AM/FM (over the internet, not an antenna), or Tidal (HD).  If you have CDs, we can help you digitize the music so you can enjoy them instantly.
Common locations for multi-room music include:

  • Kitchen
  • Dining Room
  • Family Room or Great Room
  • Master Bath (moisture-resistant speakers)
  • Pool Area (landscape or rock speakers)

Listen to different music in each room.

Control from wall unit, tablet or phone.

Unlimited options… custom playlists.

Outdoor speakers blend into landscape.


The traditional way to install whole-house music was to have volume control stations throughout a house. Today, flush or invisible speakers are mounted in a ceiling, blending in seamlessly, and the playlist and volume are controlled by your phone or tablet. We even hide the audio amplifiers in the basement or a closet for a clutter-free installation.

Excellent Wi-Fi is important for whole house music, especially outdoors, so you can sit by the pool and stream your favorite tunes.  Automated Lifestyles can help you boost your Wi-Fi, even in areas with less-than-perfect reception.

Recommended Equipment

Why Choose Automated Lifestyles

All of us at Automated Lifestyles enjoy music.  Most of us have played in a band, or still do.  Our two THX-certified professionals (Chuck and Larry) and our audio engineer (Tom) have that “discriminating ear” ensuring the correct placement of speakers and the fine tuning needed for perfect sound in every room.  We are also very aware of the aesthetics of your home.  We help you to enjoy the music you love without ever seeing wires or equipment.  To find out more about Automated Lifestyle’s affordable whole house music solutions for both new construction and existing homes.  Click for a FREE quote.

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