What is the TiVo Entertainment Platform?

Learn why you’ll want to take advantage of TiVo in your Northeast PA home.

A lot of our customers here in Northeast PA get frustrated by problems with their cable TV:

  1. They are paying $10/month per HD box, resulting in a high monthly cable bill
  2. The set top boxes fail regularly
  3. The set top boxes are too large and they can’t fit them behind the TV (requiring a shelf or cabinet above or below the TV)
  4. Watching TV and streaming requires too many steps & remote controls

Time and time again, we find that TiVo has solves these problems.  First, it works with any cable TV service provider (Comcast, Blue Ridge, Adams, etc.).  Rather than leasing hardware, TiVo’s concept is that you buy the hardware.  Since they sell only new hardware, it is high quality with a 1-year warranty. Users pay TiVo $149.95 per year for the DVR box only, which they call a TiVo Bolt (4 Tuners) or Bolt+ (6 Tuners).  Mini boxes, which allow for whole-house recording, have no monthly fee.

The TiVo Mini boxes, which are only $149 to buy, fit perfectly behind a wall-mounted TV.  They are only 6” high x 6” wide x 1.3” deep.  Simply use coax or Cat5 network cable from the wall jack into the TV and it has an HDMI cable going out to the TV.  With the RF remote, it controls the box hidden behind the TV and you won’t see any wires—just a TV on the wall.

TiVo makes sense both financially and for aesthetic reasons.  But how is the user interface?  From the photo below, you can see how TV and all major streaming services (Netflix, Amazon Prime, Hulu, HBO to Go, YouTube, VUDU), and even music services (Pandora, Spotify) are included with the same easy-to-use remote.

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With TiVo, you won’t need a smart TV. You can record and watch shows in any room of your home for a lower price than what you’d pay through a cable company.  There is also a free app that allows you to watch recorded shows anywhere in the world.

Are you ready? Call Automated Lifestyles at 800-570-7789 to schedule your installation.  We are TiVo certified professionals ready to take your entertainment to the next step!