Advanced Security Equipment

Our Recommendations


Keypads are often placed by the doors you normally enter and exit—often the front door and mudroom door. We also recommend a keypad in the master bedroom so you can instantly see where the alarm is at night. Automated Lifestyles offers simple button keypads or touch panels depending on your preference.

Advanced Security Apps for Smart Phones and Tablets

Access your home from anywhere in the world.  This allows you to arm/disarm, unlock the door, control thermostats and just check on your home.  The app provides peace of mind knowing that your home is protected and secure.

Door Contacts

In Pennsylvania, a large portion of reported intrusions are still through a door. Automated Lifestyles always provides door contacts on every door in your home. Except for sliders, we usually install recessed door contacts that look great too (drilled into the door frame versus ugly stick-on door contacts).

Glassbreak Detectors

In most homes, the windows are locked shut—especially when away.  The only way intruders can open these windows from the outside is typically to smash the window.  Glassbreak detectors are typically provided, one per room, to listen to the frequency sound of breaking glass to protect your home.  One detector will often cover all windows in that room (20-foot radius).  Window contacts aren’t normally used because they only protect you if the window is opened–not if it is smashed.

Smoke Detectors

Code requires one smoke detector per bedroom, outside sleeping areas and a minimum of one smoke per floor.  Unlike the smoke detectors typically provided by the electrician, ours can be tied into the monitoring so if smoke is detected the fire company can be dispatched.  Every second matters in the event of a fire.

Carbon Monoxide Detectors

Carbon monoxide detectors are now code.  One is required outside of sleeping areas.  They are invaluable for homes with natural gas or propane stoves, heaters or fireplaces.  They also protect homes with wood burning stoves or fossil fuel furnaces.  Like our smokes, these carbon monoxide detectors are monitored by the central station alerting you immediately if gas is detected.

Home Disaster Sensors & Water Valve

Water leaks are commonly monitored in the basement by the sump pump or hot water tank.  Dishwashers and refrigerators with ice makers often have leak detectors, too.  We can alert you if there is a water leak, even shutoff the water valve or well pump.  If your heating system fails, we have low temperature sensors which can alert you before the temperature drops too low—potentially causing pipes to freeze and burst.

Smart Lock

A smart lock is very convenient.  They come in deadbolt or lever-style and in any metal finish you desire.  You can add or remove users at any time using a secure website interface.  If someone unlocks the door, you’ll be notified instantly via text or email.  Unlike smart locks typically found at home improvement stores, ours have a special chip inside which allows it to tie into the alarm panel (saving you separate monthly monitoring charges from Schlage, Yale, Kwikset and other lock manufacturers).

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