Conference Rooms

Let us set your office up for meeting success!

Conference Rooms are one of the most important rooms of any business.  When people get together, they need to be able to express their opinions, share information easily and be focused without distractions.

Video-conference and tele-conference solutions are commonplace today.  Automated Lifestyles will provide the HD pan-tilt-zoom camera and integrate it into a web-based or phone-based conferencing system. In fact, we are the only Zoom-certified Integrator in Northeast PA.  We will set up Zoom, GoToMeeting, Skype, UStream, Livestream and any other application you require.  We have done this for Wayne County Courthouse, IHM Center at Marywood Campus, St. Joseph’s Center, Wayne County’s Courtrooms and numerous corporate offices.

Conference Room Features


People read left-to-right, and it is more natural to have the speaker to the left of the projection screen or TV.  For laptop presentations, you’ll have VGA, 4k HDMI, and DisplayPort as sources.  We even have USB chargers for smart phones/tablets, with wireless projection of these devices directly to the display.  Rather than fussing and fumbling, a wall-mounted keypad or handheld remote control is custom programmed by Automated Lifestyles to automatically power on/off the system reliably and switch sources when you press “LAPTOP” or “TABLET/PHONE” source buttons.  This allows creativity to flow and presentations which are stress-free.  No more worrying about technology!

Speakers are positioned in the ceiling to ensure the audio is engaging and clearly heard—regardless of the source.  Numerous microphone options are also available depending on the size of the room— In-ceiling mics, lapel mics, handheld mics, even podium gooseneck mics.

We also install Lutron lighting and shade control.  This is perfect for training or presentation rooms like what we did at Keystone College Evans’ Hall.  A simple keypad on the wall allows them to change the mood of the room instantly.  If there is a presentation, the lights dim and shades automatically close.  If there is a function, the shades open and sconces turn on to create ambiance–especially for evening functions.

Why Choose Automated Lifestyles

Automated Lifestyles starts every project with proper engineering and design. This ensures that the correct equipment is installed to meet and exceed your expectations! We have an electrical engineer and audio engineer on staff, along with experienced AV and networking technicians.

Today, IT and AV have merged together to ensure your space not only looks and sounds great, but also has the technology integration with the numerous mobile and laptop devices available. We design our rooms not only for the present, but with future upgrades in mind. In the end, we calibrate your TV/projector and sound system based on real room conditions.

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