Home Automation Equipment

Recommended Equipment

Control Processors

Depending on the size of the project, we use various RTI processors—XP-3, XP-6s or XP-8v.  These processors are the “brain” of the system.  They also have infrared ports for controlling Blu-Ray players, set top boxes and most products that have a handheld remote control (we learn those commands so you only have the RTI system and not all those remotes on the coffee table).

The processor has other communication ports to talk with more sophisticated equipment, such as surround sound receivers, lighting control system, security system and more.  At least one is needed on every project.

Apps for Smart Phones and Tablets

RTI Panel allows you to use your smart phone, iPad or tablet to control your home.  Since you always have your phone on you, the smart phone app is convenient to quickly view cameras, arm/disarm security or adjust the temperature of your home.  A lifetime license is required per device—phone ($149/each) or tablet ($199/each).  If you get a new phone or tablet, you don’t need to call Automated Lifestyles.  Simply delete the app on your old device, cycle power on the RTI control processor, and it will free up the license to add on your new device.

Touch Panels

Touch panels are perfect for the mudroom and the master bedroom, giving you a snapshot of your home as you enter/exit and when you go to bed.

RTI makes a 7” and 10” version.  The touch panels even have intercom capability to talk to someone at the front door.  They are available in black or white.  A countertop version is perfect for the kitchen, another main hub of the house.

Custom Remotes

Custom remotes are invaluable for entertainment rooms.  They allow easy-to-use control without having to give someone an iPad.  Customers like these for kids, grandparents and the babysitter.  The remote is programmed by Automated Lifestyles so it is intuitive and reliable.  Available with or with-out a touchscreen.

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