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Recommended Equipment

Surround Sound AV Receivers

Surround sound AV receivers are what power the surround speakers and switch video to the display. Here are three top brands we prefer.

  1. Intega: The flagship brand of Onkyo. They are leading edge, and their products have excellent video processors and DACs (digital to audio converters). Many models are THX certified and the receivers have a 3-year warranty.
  2. Sony: Similar to Integra. Although none are THX certified, all come with a 5-year warranty!
  3. NAD: For true Audiophiles, NAD delivers. NAD’s philosophy is upgraded power transformers and technology to create warm, natural sounds. Their receivers have MDC (Modular Design Construction) allowing you to upgrade the video card, audio card or other components over time versus buying a new receiver every five years. For purists, NAD is worth the investment.

Lighting Control

Don’t forget Lutron lighting control in your theater!

Nothing beats the drama of pressing the PLAY button and watching the lights slowly dim.

For cove lights or front stage LEDs, we provide Converging Systems lights which can make any color accent appear in your room. For example, one of our customers is a Jets fan so the lights turn green and white on game day. We also offer star ceilings that double as ceiling acoustic treatments.

Custom iPad or Remote Control

You don’t want your media room cluttered with equipment. Ideally, it is hidden out-of-sight, so you’ll need something to make it easy to control.

We offer remote controls from ProControl and RTI. Simply press “WATCH TV” or “WATCH MOVIE” to turn on the projector, drop the screen, turn on the surround receiver and start playing. We also offer iPad-based controls from RTI.

Video Projectors & Screens

As important as speakers are to a room, even more important is the video. For you to truly enjoy what’s playing, the image must look realistic and engaging. When it comes to projectors, the cost is truly in the glass lens. It’s not an option to purchase a cheap projector. Great projectors make the black levels/shading appear real and the motion video appear smooth.

We offer projectors from BenQ, Epson, JVC Pro and Sony. For 2.35 specialty lenses, we partner with Panamorph. Dragonfly projection screens are available in fixed or motorized as well as acoustically-transparent fabric which allows us to hide the speakers behind the screen.

Custom Seating

There is a difference between dedicated home theater seats and ones you find at your local furniture store. Properly designed seats ensure that when you recline, you are facing the screen and not looking up at the ceiling. They are extremely comfortable yet very supportive for long movies or the big game. Just as important, they need to be well-built to last.

We’ve only found one company who can deliver—United Leather USA. They offer different grades of leather, cup holders, optional motorized recliners and more.

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