Hospitality & Entertainment

Create an “experience” your customers will love!

Sports bars, night clubs, restaurants, hotels, casinos, salons and health clubs need to engage their customers.  HD Video, 4k, and great-sounding music are all part of the great experience that brings customers back time and time again.

Video walls, where several TVs are merged together to create a larger display, are a great solution for daytime viewing (projectors can look washed out).  You can view a single image on a video wall or have multiple images on at the same time, such as in a sports bar.

Rather than paying $10/month to rent a single HD set top box, our HD video distribution package allows you to send video from 5 HD set top boxes to 50 televisions (for example).  Our iPad-based AV control solutions allow you to select what is playing on each TV, even turning them all on/off with a single button press.

Hospitality & Entertainment Features


We have solutions for Coax, CATx and fiber networks so we may be able to reuse existing cabling.  All equipment is typically hidden in a secure room, out of sight. Password-protected Touch panels or iPads are used to control what’s playing, giving full control to key personnel (hostess, bartender, front desk).

Let us save you time and money versus paying rental fees on HD boxes from the cable/satellite provider.  You can even have digital signage appear to promote your services and specials!

Why Choose Automated Lifestyles

When you hire Automated Lifestyles, you are buying our knowledge and experience, knowing that we will deliver a system that meets your needs now and into the future.  We will ask you what you want to accomplish, then engineer an audio/video system that meets your needs and budget.

We don’t make our products to fit your system, rather we find the right products for your application—while still guaranteeing reliability and performance.  Our technicians are audiophiles and videophiles, committed to delivering the best experience possible.

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