Residential Multi-Room Music Equipment

Recommended Equipment

Music Streamers

The Music Streamer is what gives you the variety, ease-of-use and high performance to enjoy your music every day.  Sonos is a well-known product, perfect for both new homes and existing homes.  It supports all streaming services and allows you to play 16-bit 44.1 kHz CD-quality sound (music must be stored on a computer on the network if not on your phone).

Autonomic Mirage series, BlueOS from NAD and CasaTunes support studio- quality 24-bit/192kHz high-resolution audio, which is recommended for audiophiles or those who truly appreciate high-res music.

Autonomic and CasaTunes have built-in hard drives to store your music library.  Autonomic has TuneBridge, allowing you to mix sources like Pandora, Spotify and your personal collection.

CasaTunes is the perfect upgrade to older systems from Russound, Nuvo or Speakercraft as it can control those music systems directly from the app and also supports AirPLAY to any supported AV Receiver.

BlueOS is exactly what you’d expect from NAD—studio-quality sound with extremely high performance.

Indoor Flush-Mounted In-Ceiling Speakers

For flush-mounted in-ceiling speakers, the Klipsch Architectural line has amazing clarity due to the horn-loaded tweeters.  Its high sensitivity makes it sound amazing at lower volumes and is perfect for listening to classical, vocals and bright acoustic guitars.

Sonance provides that little extra bass (45 Hz) for dance and rock music, and is an equally amazing speaker for audiophiles.

Indoor Invisible Speakers

For invisible speakers that you can paint over, we use Sonance and Stealth Acoustics…they sound amazing (otherwise we wouldn’t sell them).

These speakers are installed prior to sheetrock, so they are usually only installed in new construction homes.

Indoor Freestanding Speakers

For tower speakers or bookshelf speakers, we have a wide variety of options.

Klipsch Reference series are an all-time favorite for performance.  PSB is an option for pure audiophiles who want “true-to-nature” sound.  Similarly, KEF from Britian blends perfect design and is on par with Bang & Olufsen.

Freestanding wireless speakers from BlueSound, Sonos and Definitive Technology are perfect for whole-house music for existing homes.  They still require 120 volt power, but there is no need to retrofit speaker wires.

TV Sound Bars

BlueSound, Sonos and Definitive Technology all have sound bars that not only drastically improve the sound of your TV, but they can stream music even with the TV off (you control what’s playing from your smart phone or tablet).  Better yet, they only require power (no need for a separate surround sound receiver).

Sonos PLAYBAR and Definitive Technology W Studio sound bars support true 5.1 surround sound if you want to expand in the future, as well as a wireless sub to achieve bass below 56 Hz.  BlueSound Pulse does hi-res audio and provides bass down to 32 Hz without a subwoofer.  All sound bars may be wall-mounted or sit on top of a cabinet.

Outdoor Recessed Speakers & High Moisture Locations

Sonance and Terra speakers are the only brands we use for music under covered porches as they are designed for high moisture, outdoor applications.

They work great in showers, saunas, hot tub areas and indoor pools.  The rubber won’t crack and they have stainless steel grilles that won’t rust.  Both have a limited lifetime warranty just like our indoor speakers.  Terra speakers are made in Maine, so they are designed to withstand the cold Northeast winters.

Outdoor Surface Speakers

For decks or patios, you can’t beat the performance of Klipsch Outdoor or Sonance Mariner speakers.  They are available in black or white. For custom colors, we use Leon Boundary speakers.

Outdoor Landscape Speakers

For landscape speakers, there are a few options.  Klipsch Rock speakers look the most natural for our area and sound amazing.

Sonance Sonarray and Episode landscape series are perfect for hiding speakers in planting beds to distribute high-quality sound over large areas.  They look just like a low-voltage landscape light, but are a speaker instead! For the bass, a subwoofer is typically buried under the ground.

Terra LS speakers are perfect along a pathway and provide amazing clarity outdoors: some even have built-in path lights!

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