TiVo Entertainment System

Are you frustrated by your cable TV?

A lot of our customers here in Northeast PA get frustrated by the following problems with their cable TV:

  1. They are paying a monthly fee for each HD box; a high bill if you have multiple boxes.
  2. The set-top boxes fail regularly.
  3. The set-top boxes are too large and don’t fit behind a wall-mounted TV (requiring a shelf or cabinet below, or an ugly box sitting above the TV).
  4. Watching TV and streaming is frustrating (too many remotes, too many steps).

TiVo can take care of all these problems.  First, it works with anyone’s cable TV (Comcast, Blue Ridge, Adams, Service Electric, RCN).  Rather than leasing hardware (taken out of the neighbor’s house when they moved out), TiVo’s concept is that you buy the hardware.

Since it is new hardware, it is high quality with a 1-year warranty.  You pay TiVo $149.99 per year for the main DVR box only, which they call a TiVo Bolt+ (6 Tuners, 4k video).  Mini boxes, which allow for whole-house recording, have no monthly fee.  TiVo also has an all-in membership for $549.99 where you pay upfront for the lifetime of the Bolt+ and then have no monthly fees except to the cable company for their HDTV package only.

TiVo Entertainment System Features


The TiVo Mini boxes fit perfectly behind a wall-mounted TV.  They are only 6” high x 6” wide x 1.3” deep.  We use coax or Cat5 network cable from the wall jack into the TiVo, which has an HDMI cable going out to the TV.  A simple RF remote controls the box hidden behind the TV and you won’t see any wires— just a TV on the wall! The same remote also controls power and volume of your TV and all major streaming services (Netflix, Amazon Prime, Hulu, HBO to Go, YouTube, VUDU) and even music services like Pandora and Spotify! You don’t need a smart TV and you can record shows and watch them in any room of the house for a lower price than what you’re paying now.  There is also a free app so you can watch recorded TV anywhere in the world.

Oh, and for those of you who are cutting the cord and don’t want cableTV at all , this box also supports recording of free off-air HDTV using a separate HD antenna (TiVo has an off-air tuner built-in).  We will check antennaweb.org to determine if your location will get any channels (usually works best for homes on top of a mountain).

Why Choose Automated Lifestyles

Automated Lifestyles is a TiVo-certified installer.  We have the knowledge to install TiVo in new and existing homes.  We are also a Comcast partner, which means we can schedule the Comcast installation for you directly and coordinate everything so it goes smoothly (remember you’ll still need to buy your HDTV service from the cable company).  Call Automated Lifestyles to take your entertainment to the next level.

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