Wi-Fi & Secure Networks

Blazing fast, reliable, secure Wi-Fi wherever you work or play.

Hate seeing the buffering wheel while watching Netflix? Cell phone bills often outrageous because teens are using cellular data due to weak or no Wi-Fi in their bedrooms? Tried using a plug-in booster to no avail?

You’re not alone. Many of the large homes we enter have poor Wi-Fi, and that’s too bad since Internet is one of the most used services in a home, even more than cable or satellite TV… for streaming movies, you can’t beat a wired network for speed.

Automated Lifestyles has a division called Screaming Wi-Fi that specializes in providing fast, reliable and secure Wi-Fi service. Even if you have an older home, we have solutions that allow us to use your existing coax cable, so we don’t need to run new wires. Give us a call and find out what you’re missing!

Wi-fi & secure network features

Enjoy Secure Wi-Fi Indoors Or Out
Enjoy Secure Wi-Fi Indoors Or Out
Smart Firewall to Protect your Children.
Work From Home Without Interruption
Work From Home Without Interruption
Explore As A Family
Explore As A Family


Let us help you take charge of the Internet in your home!

First, we provide a commercial-grade router, which is designed for speed and reliability. This manages the Internet to every device in your home, so it is critical to have a good router. Wi-Fi (wireless Internet) works best higher up and ideally centralized in a home.

Due to this, we often install wired “antennas” (called Wireless Access Point) on the first or second floor of a home, even outdoors. Together, they create a single network. All phones, tablets and printers use the Wi-Fi network, so you can print from your iPad while on the patio. We typically have a hardwired network jack at each TV. With 4k and ultra HD movies, this combination of hardwired network and Wi-Fi works best.

Internet security is paramount. Managing your family’s internet at the network level means you can regulate ALL of your connected devices individually. We’re talking computers, tablets, gaming consoles, phones, smart TVs — you name it. There’s no software to install, and our Cloud Management System means you’re always up to date. Automated Lifestyles can provide software on your router to ensure you have an active firewall. You can limit which sites your kids can access — even social media — to ensure they are only exposed to sites that you approve. You can even set times of day when Wi-Fi is active (e.g. not at bedtime).

Why Choose Automated Lifestyles

Automated Lifestyles has a lot of experience since we design, install, optimize and secure.

Wi-Fi and wired networks on almost every job; and, we have an IT professional on staff who can ensure your network is set up properly. We have tools to make sure your Wi-Fi is optimized and on different radio channels than your neighbor’s.

We are also a Comcast-authorized integrator and can help you move from Frontier or Verizon to Comcast, while keeping your email intact.

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