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How to Choose the Best Home Security System

by Automated Lifestyles

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Understanding the Elements of a Home Security System

What is the Best Home Security System: Key Factors to Consider

The Advantages of Professional Home Security Systems

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Are you feeling overwhelmed by all the different home security system options? When it comes to choosing the right one for your home and family, so many factors come into play. But don't stress - selecting a well-suited home security system is less complicated than you might think! In this blog post, we'll walk through what is the best home security system together and empower you with information on what to consider when deciding which option will give you peace of mind regarding safeguarding your property. Whether this is your first time looking at home security or if you're evaluating options to upgrade an already existing system, We’re here to help guide you every step of the way!

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Understanding the Elements of a Home Security System

Home security systems are essential to protecting your home and keeping yourself and your family safe from potential dangers. When it comes to choosing the best system for you, there are a few elements that you should consider.


Home security can be enhanced by installing home security cameras around your property. Different types of cameras, such as indoor, outdoor, and night vision, are available based on your property’s requirements. These cameras deter criminal activity and monitor the activity around your home even when you’re away, providing you with peace of mind.

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Motion Sensors

Installing motion sensors in your home security system can help detect movements within specific areas and ranges. Various motion sensors are available, such as magnetic, dual-tech, and microwave detectors, which you can choose from to upgrade your security system. Motion sensors can help you know what is happening at your house and help you do something about it before it's too late.

Outdoor Lights

Outdoor lighting is a great way to increase the overall security of your home. The right outdoor lights can deter crime and provide visibility and safety when visitors come to your home at night. When choosing outdoor lighting, the styles available on the market vary. LED floodlights are often favored to light up large areas vulnerable to criminals. In contrast, motion-activated lights will go off when they detect sudden movements in the area. The benefits of installing outdoor lights around your house are many: not only will you have extra security against potential break-ins, but also for guiding visitors safely and clearly to your door during late hours. All in all, finding the best what is the best home security systems for your property should include considering how outdoor lighting can help protect it.


Alarms are integral to the home security system and should not be overlooked. They function as an audible deterrent that can make a massive difference in alerting homeowners to intruders on their property. Two main types of home alarm systems are available – wired security systems and wireless security systems. The latter is gaining popularity as it involves fewer cables, and installation is often more straightforward than a wired system. One of the main benefits of installing alarms is the audible deterrent it provides when an intruder attempts to enter your home, letting you take preventive measures before they gain access. Therefore, ensuring you have installed the best home security system possible is greatly recommended.

Entry Sensors

Entry sensors are an invaluable part of any home security system. They protect your home by alerting you if someone tries to enter via a door or window while you’re away. The most common type of entry sensor is a magnetic contact sensor. This detects if the door or window has been opened while the system is armed, allowing it to sound an alarm when intruders attempt to access your home. Installing entry sensors will alert you instantly so you can take whatever action is necessary - calling the authorities, alerting neighbors, etc. - to ensure your property remains safe and secure.

What is the Best Home Security System: Key Factors to Consider for Maximum Protection

Whether you’re worried about potential intruders or want to ensure your family is always protected, having the best home security system possible is paramount. There are many factors to consider when choosing the perfect security solution for your home and property. To help make sure you get the most out of your investment, we’ve broken down some key points to look out for. 

Service Offerings and Quality of Service 

When researching the perfect home security system for you, ensuring it meets all your needs is essential. Does it offer 24/7 customer service? What type of monitoring services does it provide? Is a range of packages available to find one that fits your budget? All these questions should be answered before signing up with a provider. Don’t forget to read reviews and research customer feedback as well; this will give you an insight into how reliable and helpful the company is after purchase. 

Reputation and Trustworthiness of Brand

You’re trusting this company with the safety of yourself and your family—so make sure they come highly recommended! Check whether they have any awards or certifications. Also, look at how long they have been in business; new companies may not have fully established their credentials yet, so going with an older brand might be a safer bet.  

Who You Will Talk to In An Emergency Situation 

It’s essential to find out who will handle any emergency calls before you commit to any system. Make sure that all calls are handled by trained professionals who understand exactly how each system works; if something goes wrong in an emergency, you don’t want someone unfamiliar with the product trying to sort it out! It’s also worth checking whether any additional fees are associated with talking directly to a professional—you don’t want any nasty surprises later on.

Ease of Use 

The last thing you want when setting up a home security system is a complicated process that takes hours upon end! Make sure whatever system you choose has an easy-to-follow procedure so everything runs smoothly when you use it. This will also ensure you can be up and running immediately, giving you peace of mind.

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The Advantages of Professional Home Security Systems Over DIY Options

Home security is an essential investment for any homeowner. But when it comes to choosing a home security system, the decision can be daunting. Do you go with a total DIY solution or a professional one? While DIY solutions may seem appealing, they lack the coverage and protection that come with professional systems. Professional home security systems provide peace of mind and greater security while also delivering advanced hardware and features only available to industry professionals. Let’s look at why you should consider using a professional security system for your home. 

Industry Knowledge & Experience 

When protecting your home, there’s no substitute for experience and expertise. Professional home security companies have years of experience in the field, which means they know exactly what works best for different homes, environments, and security needs. They understand how to install different types of equipment correctly and securely, so you can rest assured that your home is secure from intruders or hackers. Furthermore, if anything breaks down or needs servicing, they can troubleshoot it quickly and efficiently as they are familiar with all the equipment in use. 

Monitoring & Advanced Features 

Another benefit of choosing a professional home security system is access to 24/7 monitoring capabilities. With a professional option, you can access advanced features such as motion sensors, smoke alarms, remote access control panels, and more that are not always available with DIY solutions. With these features installed in your home, you can monitor your house even when you’re away on vacation or working late at the office – offering complete peace of mind for yourself and your family members. Additionally, many professional companies offer extended service plans that cover repair or maintenance needs without hassle – something most DIY systems don’t include in their packages.  

Ultimately, when it comes down to finding the what is the best home security system for your needs –professional options offer clear advantages over total DIY solutions due to their higher standards for safety and reliability as well as their professional monitoring capabilities that ensure greater protection for your family and property alike. With advanced hardware available through professionals along with extended service plans covering installation and maintenance requirements –you can be sure that investing in a professional home security system will yield great dividends when it comes to keeping your family safe!

While DIY options may seem appealing initially for those on a budget or lacking time, investing in a professionally installed home security system with Automated Lifestyles can have lasting benefits that far surpass the extra money spent upfront. Our team of experienced professionals removes any guesswork from this process by delivering quality products with top-notch customer service throughout the entire process. Our wireless sensors and door locks, home surveillance cameras, automation, voice, and app-based control systems, along with 24/7 monitoring, provide the ultimate security and comfort your family needs. When you're ready to find security systems for your home in PA, call the experts at Automated Lifestyles so we can provide you with peace of mind knowing how to choose a home security system so your family is taken care of around the clock.

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