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Modern Home Design: Why and When Builders Should Consult with Tech Experts

by Automated Lifestyles

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How Can a Tech Expert Help You in Your Build?

What Can Tech Experts Offer Me?

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Where Can I Find Tech Experts to Help with My Build?

Frequently Asked Questions

Why Trust Automated Lifestyles

Technology is everywhere. It is in the televisions mounted on our walls, the washing machines hooked up in our utility cupboards, and the electrical outlet dotted throughout our modern home designs. They make life considerably more manageable, and we wouldn't be without them.

But they did not appear there by accident. Everything you use in your home that requires power exists because someone decided to place wiring and an electrical outlet in that particular place with its intended use in mind (or not).

Do you want your home or business to have surround sound? You will need proper wiring and speaker wall cutouts. Do you like TVs throughout the house? You will need proper wiring for that too. Everything in a building has to be accounted for.

Unfortunately, adequate planning for electrical outlets, audio-visual gadgets, and appliances often gets left by the wayside in the building process.

Consulting with a tech expert in the early stages of a build can save you time and money in the long run. They can help you visualize your build before it has even begun, work out where to place electrical outlets, and how your furniture and wall mountings will work in your space.

Immersive 3D models can help designers visualize a design from every angle, anticipating problems before they arise and restricting the need for remodeling once walls are erected.

Tech experts are becoming an integral part of the construction process, combining with architectural design and construction teams to build a cohesive working team for every project.

Work with the Best Tech Experts in the Field

If you are considering adding smart technology to your residential home or business, then you should get in touch with the experts at Automated Lifestyles, located in Moscow, Pennsylvania. With over 20 years of proven experience, you can be confident that every project will be handled by experts.

Residential & Commercial Tech Solutions

How Can a Tech Expert Help You in Your Build?

Custom Solutions Smart Home

A tech expert, or "smart home professional, " sets out the electronic design of a house or building. But, in reality, their job packs much more punch than this. They work directly with manufacturers to understand how their devices and technologies can be best utilized in different spaces.

Smart home professionals can be programmers, installers, computer experts, and smart home professionals. They consult with clients to understand the needs of the space and work with you to incorporate technologies, including security systems or home cinemas, into your home.

The consultation will involve an assessment of the existing infrastructure of the house or building to understand the possibilities of the space, and suggestions will be made based on this and the client's desired uses of the room or building.

The process is designed to share the knowledge and expertise of the tech expert while listening closely on how you’d like your modern home design laid out. Tech experts exist in this role to help facilitate your vision and guide you in making your dream setup.

What Can Tech Experts Offer Me?

Connected Smart Home Through Smart Phone

Among the myriad technologies available through tech experts, here are a few ideas of what you could expect to implement through intelligent planning.

Automatic Door Locks

This takes home security to the next level. These locks utilize advanced technology to secure your doors without you physically having to put a key into a lock. This not only saves time but can guarantee your safety. You can get automatic door locks for your home, garage, and windows.

Whole-Home Audio Systems

Have you ever wanted to transform your home into its own movie theater or concert hall? Well, audio systems can help make this dream a reality. A whole-home audio system delivers sound across the whole building, utilizing speakers, amplifiers, and controls for consistent sound control throughout the home.

Entertainment Systems

Sit back, relax, and watch the room come to life. With speakers and a theater projector, you can say goodbye to going out to the movies and snuggle up for the ultimate movie experience at home with an entertainment system.

You can tailor settings to your desires and adjust the room lighting, screen brightness, and volume for the perfect cinema experience.

Start Talking to a Tech Expert Today

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Tech is an integral part of our modern lives. If you don't think about how your technology works together before you start remodeling, you could end up with problems that prove hard to solve once walls are up and labor costs rise.

Consulting a tech expert as soon as possible will not only save you money on construction costs, but you’ll also not have to rip down any walls if you've got a solid plan in place before they are put in. This will save you time while delivering a better design for your space.

With 3D models this allows you to visualize designs before the construction team picks up the first brick, which helps avoid potential hazards and achieve a more successful build. You can also use this to solve problems, see how different plans might work, and lay out an electric plan with the existing architectural plan.

A survey by Houzz in 2021 found that 19% of homes were remodeled during that year to add smart home technology to their houses.

Smart home technology makes life easier - you can control almost every appliance, light, lock, and tv with a button, either at home or away. It's a desirable technology that can be incorporated into the design of a house or business from the first day of plotting the build rather than years after it has been completed.

Using a tech professional in unison with builders and architects means that all bases are covered when it comes to a sensible, efficient, and practical design based on your needs.

When a smart modern home design professional is brought into a construction project early enough, you can expect:

  • A wired house ready for speakers, motorized shades, climate control systems, TVs, and security systems.
  • Electrical outlet layout organized before the building begins, and plan where audio-visual technology will be installed.
  • Planned wall cutouts with wiring for speakers and TVs. Also, a prepared server room for the installation of the brains of your smart home.

Where Can I Find Tech Experts to Help with My Build?

Automated Lifestyles Logo

Automated Lifestyles is an engineering-led business based in Pennsylvania. They have been established for twenty years, with a long history of implementing audio-visual systems (AV systems) and CI systems (continuous integration systems) with care and precision.

Their team of award-winning tech experts is updated with the latest technologies, so they are equipped with the knowledge to make your home or business the best it can be with the most relevant and practical tools.

Automated Lifestyles is driven to create lifelong connections with its customers, so if you want careful, reliable tech experts with proven records of great work with construction companies, look to Automated Lifestyles for your next tech consultation.

Frequently Asked Questions

When should I bring in a tech expert?

As soon as possible. Bringing in a tech expert at the beginning of a build allows them to work in unison with other contractors, from builders to architects. It also allows you to work with the tech expert to determine exactly where you want your TVs, theater, speakers, and security systems installed before the first wall is built. Bringing in a tech expert early in the process can save you time and money, resulting in a better build tailored to you.

Is bringing in a tech expert worth my money?

Yes. If you wait to bring in a tech expert until after the walls are up and labor costs have been incurred, creating an electrical design plan can eat up precious work hours. It is much better to create a clear plan for electricity early on in the project to save time, and money, and reduce stress.

What exactly can a tech expert offer that my architect can't?

A tech expert can offer you tailored advice that will work in unison with an architect and construction team to realize your aspirations for a home or building. Their array of technical skills and training with manufacturers means they have the knowledge to know what kit and technology is best and how best to install and plan for it.

Where can I find a tech expert?

You can find a local tech expert by searching for their range of different names. Tech experts are also called smart home professionals, automation specialists, technology integrators, home technology professionals, custom electronics dealers, and more. Search online for your local tech expert. However, if you're in Pennsylvania, Automated Lifestyles is your best bet for reliable technical advice on builds.

Why Trust Automated Lifestyles?

The team at Automated Lifestyle proudly boasts over 20 years of system installation and custom integration experience. As a company, we emphasize engineering-led decisions and services. This dedication to process-oriented design and implementation has helped us to continue to grow and provide Pennsylvania with first-rate technological services. Our team of certified technicians is consistently praised by both customers and industry professionals. As award-winning integrators, recognized by several local building associations, we pride ourselves on providing superior service and improvements for homes and businesses in greater Lackawanna County.

We offer residential solutions such as home theater systems, home automation, smart lighting controls, automated window treatments, security systems, and more. We also provide commercial solutions such as access control systems, network wiring, CCTV surveillance, and intercoms. Our team works closely with clients to ensure the best possible outcome for their projects. At Automated Lifestyles, we take great pride in our work and will go above and beyond to ensure your project is completed on time and within budget.

Shop Home Design Ideas at Automated Lifestyles

At Automated Lifestyles, we work with only top-of-the-line brands for every project. We are known to be sticklers for details, from start to finish on every job. Our installation professionals measure, plan, design, and program with great care to ensure nothing is overlooked. If you’d like to know more about how Automated Lifestyles can help you or your business, text, call, or contact us today!